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Buy a Swim Spa VS Pool

Buy a Swim Spa VS Pool

5 Good Reasons Why You Would Want To Install a Swim Spa

Swim spas are gaining popularity over the traditional swimming pools because they are designed to offer unique functionality and application. While you may want to have a swimming pool facility installed in your premises, there are times when a swim spa may be the ideal choice. Each of these facilities has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is best you weigh them properly. Having a swim spa can offer you numerous health and fitness benefits. Here are 5 good reasons you would want to install a swim spa in your home.

Enjoy traditional spa benefit

Having a swim spa in your home will provide you with all the comforts you get from a traditional spa, such as the hot water jets that massage the body. Along with the enjoyment and relaxation, you also have a swimming area where you’re able to exercise your body. A swim spa covers little area than the traditional spa; therefore, you are saving on the amount of free space at home.

A swimming facility for all seasons

Even with the heated pools, the most you can use them is about 5 months in a year, and during the other times, they become uncomfortable to swim because of the weather. When you have a swim spa, you are assured of a season-long usage. Throughout the year, you will have somewhere favorable to swim even when the weather isn’t favorable. A swim spa offers a round-the-year swimming experience.

Swim spas are safer

Observing safety is quite important when swimming. But, despite the regulations and strict standards of building and using pools, many deaths associated with swimming are reported each year. The swim spa pools are designed with locking hard-covers, which prevent people from accidentally falling inside. Only 8 feet wide, the swim spa, can be ideal for teaching children how to swim. It is safe for children to learn how to swim in a swim spa.

Working out your body

A swim spa is not just a swimming pool, but it is also a facility that helps you exercise the body. A fitness enthusiast will find this facility an ideal one for working out the body. Some swim spas feature adjustable water currents, which can help in intensity training. Today, swimming is considered the most balanced type of exercise, which is capable of working out the entire body muscles.

Ease of maintenance

Maintaining swim spas is not like taking care of the typical swimming pools. It is easy to keep the swim spa working in good condition. It comes with a state-of-the-art filtration system that makes the task of filtering water an easy one. All you will need to do is make sure that the water is treated properly using the right chemicals to prevent bacterial growth and make the facility safe to swim in.

Swim spa pools are the next generation of swimming facilities because they are designed to make it easier to own a pool and enjoy a year-round swimming experience. For more information about swim spas, call SunSpa today at 403-243-8434 or stop by the showroom at 4201 A-6th Street S.E., Calgary, Alberta.


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