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Enjoy Your Hot Tub Throughout the Year

Enjoy Your Hot Tub Throughout the Year

One of the most enjoyable times of year to enjoy a Sundance hot tub is during the coldest, most frigid months. In order to be able to thoroughly enjoy your hot tub all year round, you must properly winterize it to ensure it is protected against the frigid temperatures. Listed below are 3 tips about winterizing your hot tub.

Do A Thorough Cleaning Before Winter Sets In

It is important to thoroughly clean your hot tub in the late summer or fall months before the frigid temperatures set in. A good flush of the plumbing system in your Sundance hot tub will help ensure there is no buildup that could possibly freeze within the pipes during the winter. Clean the filters thoroughly also so there is no chance of the hot tub shutting down and freezing due to a clogged filter stopping water circulation.

Place A Quality Cover Over The Hot Tub

A quality hot tub cover can protect your Sundance hot tub against the harsh winter elements along with helping keep the temperature regulated inside the hot tub. A quality cover can help keep your home’s energy costs down when it regulates the temperature within the hot tub. A thicker hot tub cover will be able to support snow until you are able to get it cleared away and will help insulate the hot tub better than a thinner cover.

Check Your Water Level Frequently

Checking your hot tub’s water level frequently throughout the winter can help you avoid a hot tub disaster throughout the frigid months. If your water level gets below a certain point, it is a possibility that the hot tub will stop circulating water. If the water within the tub stops circulating and it is cold enough outside, your hot tub will freeze.

These are just a couple of many different tips to help you properly prepare to winterize your Sundance hot tub. Sundance hot tubs can be enjoyed throughout the year, but in order to get the most out of your hot tub during the winter months, you must be properly prepared. Call SunSpa in Calgary at 403-243-8434 if you have any questions about winterizing your hot tub.


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