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How to Maintain Your Hot Tub

How to Maintain Your Hot Tub

Buying a new hot tub is an investment, one that pays off in personal enjoyment dividends for you, your family, and your friends. Use the tips below to maintain your hot tub, make it last longer, and make sure your new hot tub investment yields these reward for years to come.

    • Find out exactly what your hot tub dealer or manufacturer recommends for maintaining and sanitizing the water in your particular model as equipped. For example, if you've invested in a UV hot tub water purification system, you may not need to use as many chemicals or any depending on your system.


    • Invest in the recommended hot tub test strips and test your water regularly. It's important to find the right balance because if your hot tub water has too many chemicals, they can corrode hot tub equipment (and irritate your skin and eyes). Meanwhile, if you don't have enough hot tub chemicals or an alternate water sanitization system, bacteria could thrive.


    • Clean your filters frequently. Your hot tub's filters work hard, filtering out debris and particles. However, they get dirty and stop working as efficiently. By cleaning your filters as often as every two weeks, your spa's filtration system will work more efficiently and your water will stay cleaner. You'll also need to change your filters periodically.


    • Clean your hot tub cover monthly. You do have a hot tub cover, don't you? If not, buy one pronto as a hot tub cover can help protect your spa, keep leaves and debris from contaminating the water when not in use, and lower your hot tub heating bills. Help make vinyl hot tub covers last by using a vinyl conditioning treatment every few months. This will help protect it from UV light that can cause cracks.


    • Prevent and address mildew. Ideally, your hot tub should be located in a well-ventilated area so that humidity doesn't accumulate and cause mildew. Likewise, your hot tub cover should not come in contact with the surface water. If you notice any signs of mildew, clean the area and determine why it is forming in the first place. Mitigate the problem to prevent a recurrence.


    • Have your spa serviced by a hot tub technician periodically. Just as your car needs periodic professional maintenance, the same is true of hot tubs. Good times to schedule service are just before winter and just before summer. Not only can your hot tub technician make sure all of your hot tub equipment is in good working order, catch potential problems before they manifest, and change your hot tub's filters, he or she can also prepare the hot tub for the upcoming season. This is particularly important in places like Canada where freezing temperatures could damage hot tub equipment.


  • Consider leaving your spa's circulation pumps on at all times, or at least on a timer. You can turn the heat down if you don't plan on using the hot tub for an extended period, but keep the water circulating. This can help prevent the buildup of algae and ensure that the water is filtered and cleaned using your hot tub's filtration and purification system.


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