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National Water Safety Month: Top Water Safety Tips

National Water Safety Month: Top Water Safety Tips

The month of May is set aside as "National Water Safety Month," a time to refresh your knowledge regarding the top water safety tips to follow for the year. Whether you own a self-cleaning spa or a 6-person hot tub, following a few strategies can help to keep your family safe while allowing you to enjoy the relaxation of immersing your body in warm waters.

Provide a Safe Environment for Children

Protect your children by teaching them water safety practices, such as keeping their heads above water and limiting their time in hot tubs, at an early age. Include babysitters in this learning scenario, so that they have the skills needed to properly supervise your children. Never allow infants and/or toddlers to enter a hot tub because the water is too hot for their delicate systems. Older children should exit the spa as soon as their faces become flushed.  

Install Safety Measures

Make sure that you have a lockable spa cover installed and consider using a spa alarm to alert you if someone goes into the hot tub without your knowledge. Specialized drain covers should be used to prevent the suction that can lead to accidental drowning.  

Discourage Unmonitored Usage of the Spa

Children are often attracted to brightly coloured items and toys. Avoid leaving them near the spa area. If your hot tub is surrounded by fencing or in a partitioned area of the home, make sure that the gate or door is kept closed and locked whenever the pool isn't in use.  

Keep the Spa Disinfected

Hot tubs must be kept clean in order to prevent unnecessary illness. Create a regular program of draining and refilling the tub to promote cleanliness. Maintain the required regimen of disinfectants (bromine or chlorine) as recommended by your spa dealer. Ask guests to shower prior to using your hot tub in order to eliminate the contamination that can arise from suntan products and skin oils.

Tips for Adults

Adults should avoid drinking alcohol during their time in a hot tub. They should also avoid taking a nap or remaining in the spa if they begin to feel sleepy.


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