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Andrea R.

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. I just love my new Sundance Optima. The water always looks clear and inviting. My shoulder arthritis loves the jet action. You were right, even though the hot tub is under my bedroom window, I never hear it running. Life changing.

Doug J.

It was a nightmare. My hot tub was not heating. The temperature outside was -45c with the windshield. All I could think was it would be a big block of ice in a few days. I phoned Sunspa, and they were there within an hour to solve the problem. Thank-you for rescuing me.

Frank S.

A good friend of mine recommended Sunspa. A great relationship has evolved between us, and I can say, he is still a good friend for recommending Sunspa.

Jeff R.

I am a very technical person, who has to do a lot of research before buying anything. My experience with the hot tub shopping was very confusing and misinformed by many dealers in Calgary. Everyone had the best, and wanted me to purchase right away. I did a lot of research on the internet and soon discovered that doing your home work sure pays off. Your company and products were highly rated , being that you have been in been in business since 1977, your BBB+ rating and ethics were my final deciding factor when purchasing your Sundance hot tub.

Joe C.

I bought a Sundance Cameo from Danny 4 years ago, I was asked to wright a testimonial. I didn’t know what to say, it been all good, 1 small problem, they had it delt with the next day. Love to tub.

Marshall F.

Wow, I am just blown away. The attitude and service you provided me on my 20 year old hot tub was fantastic.

Mr. & Mrs. Jacob J.

We have owned two hot tubs in the past. We left the last one in our last house, we have discovered we miss our evening soaks. My boss said he knew the folks at Sunspa and I should give Sundance Spas a look. We were very impressed with the staff and product. We still shopped around and went back to Sunspa, we have had our new Optima for 3 months now, is as advertised, just like they said.

Ron E.

Thank-you for your fantastic delivery. Your service people delivered in the morning, had the contracted electrician hooked-up the hot tub as soon as it was in place. The service Tech filled the hot tub and then proceeded to explain the operation of the hot tub as well as how the chemicals worked. We were in the hot tub that night. What a great night.


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