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Hot Tub Service in Calgary

Our expert's service and repair hot tubs in Calgary and surrounding communities. We provide hot tub repair for spa owners and will travel to your location. Whether you need a hot tub repair in Calgary, Banff, High River, Turner Valley, or Foothills, we’ll come to you. Our goal is to perform the hot tub repair or spa maintenance to the highest of standards so that you can get back to enjoying your hot tub. We are authorized warranty and service providers for hot tubs from the following brands: Sundance Spas, Dimension 1, Artesian, Hydropool, and Marquee.

Hot Tub Service and Repair in Calgary

After a long day, you probably look forward to relaxing in your hot tub, but what happens when you discover that something isn't working quite right and you need a hot tub repair, or you’d like someone to examine the hot tub water or perhaps the water chemistry? Our hot tub service professionals can handle the hot tub repair for you. We understand how frustrating it can be for hot tub owners when hot tubs in Calgary and surrounding areas aren’t working properly. We’ll do everything we can to perform hot tub diagnostics and troubleshoot the hot tub so it is back in peak operating condition in no time. What you can expect with our hot tub repair in Calgary: professional repair technicians, prompt service, and quality repairs.

Whether the heat isn’t working, one of the jets has stopped, or you have no power to the unit, our crew will come to you for hot tub maintenance. While some hot tub repair tasks are easier than others, our crew has the training and experience to perform just about any hot tub repair in Calgary. Also be mindful that in the winter months, heavier hot tub usage requires thorough hot tub maintenance to ensure all hot tub parts are running properly.

Although we don't encourage you to attempt to perform hot tub repair on your own, there are steps you can take to ensure proper water circulation. For instance, it is wise to clean your spa filter with filter cleaner when you notice caked-on scum. Scrubbing the hot tub shell is also a good way to eliminate organic build-up and debris. Remember, we provide hot tub repair in Calgary and surrounding areas — and we are only a phone call away. Put our hot tub repair crew in Calgary to work for you.


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